Condair HumiLife

Designed for Healthy Living


Why professional air humidification?

No manual refilling


The direct connection to the water supply eliminates the hassle of refilling.

No hygiene concerns


With our patented solutions, only the purest water vapour enters the air you breathe.

No tedious regulating

Thanks to our Smart Home solution, the desired air humidity level is always controlled – even remotely.

No tiresome cleaning


All cleaning and service work is carried out by professionals thanks to our proven services.

Does your home have a ventilation system?

We integrate our air humidification solutions quickly and easily into your planned or existing controlled ventilation system.

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Indoor air hydration at its finest?

Our flexible and innovative air humidification solution for individual climate settings in each room.

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The highest quality – development & design from Switzerland


With around 740 employees, Condair Group is the world’s leading manufacturer of commercial and industrial air humidifiers and humidification systems. With the main brand Condair, we set standards in terms of energy efficiency and hygiene.

As of today, we successfully distribute our products on the continents of Europe, North America and Asia in 22 countries through our own sales and service organisation and in more than 50 countries via distribution partners. More about Condair



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